In the arena of ideas, how does our worldview shape how we view ideas and pursue truth? How does the Christian worldview impact the way we study our disciplines?

Our 2017-18 Seminar series "Worldview & the Academy" seeks to prepare Christians for faithful service in academia by examining the interaction between worldview and study. This yearlong series will identify the role of worldview in approaching scholarship, examine major worldviews, and explore the intersection between the Christian worldview and various academic disciplines. Seminars are scheduled monthly from 12:30-1:30 pm in the Cody Library* at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto.

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Our first seminar is Friday 22 September 2018
What is a worldview and why does it matter?
Richard Davis, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
Tyndale University College & Seminary

Subsequent topics
Fall Semester - Major Worldviews
20 October

10 November

8 December

AuthorDarius Rackus

Thinking? Apologetics Canada Conference Toronto 2015

Thinking? This conference is brought to you by the Network of Christian Scholars. The conference is designed to help Christians think through various issues and to equip Christians to be more effective witnesses. Join keynote speakers Douglas Groothuis, Andy Bannister, and Andy Steiger as well as workshops with Christian scholars specializing in a variety of fields. Register today at

AuthorRony Kozman

As September rolls around again and we look ahead to another academic year, we invite you to participate in a new and growing network of Christian faculty and graduate students across the University of Toronto. If you're not already plugged into the network, here are the top five reasons to consider participation.

1. To enhance the integration of your faith and your academic work. The Network of Christian Scholars (hereafter referred to as NCS) meets on a bimonthly basis to engage with one another on issues of interest and controversy at the intersection between Christian faith and various academic disciplines. In the past year, we've hosted presentations and discussions on social justice in the practice of medicine, scientific and Biblical considerations in understanding the origins of the universe, and the impact of sociological investigation on the Christian worldview. These presentations provoked fabulous and highly stimulating conversation. NCS aims to bring people together who are thinking about the same issues from different angles. We want your angle too.

2. To be a means of encouragement to fellow Christian academics. The writer of Hebrews exhorted us not to neglect to meet together but to encourage one another, to stir one another up to love and to good works (Hebrews 10:24-25). That sort of encouragement and provocation greatly assists in our efforts to be faithful and effective disciples of Christ within the academy. Fellowship is a means of grace. NCS hosts biweekly prayer meetings where we share challenges, burdens, victories with one another and pray for one another. Those meetings have been a huge encouragement to me and others who have participated - join us and you will both be an encouragement and be encouraged.

3. To build a multidisciplinary network of Christian colleagues. The Network of Christian Scholars draws its members from a wide range of disciplines including physics, history, chemistry, philosophy, math, sociology, medicine, physiology, religion, nutrition, social work, music and engineering. Even within the academy there are few environments offering interaction with thoughtful and like-minded colleagues across such a broad range of disciplines. NCS events are greatly enriched by the broad range of perspectives and expertise brought to bear on any issue of interest. Prepare to be fascinated, challenged and stimulated by what you can learn from fellow Christian academics. 

4. To engage the academy and the culture at large with the full force of the Christian worldview. As Christian academics, we take great delight in the coherence and effectiveness of the Christian worldview as a foundation for knowledge in all domains of thought and learning. Secularism-though currently dominant in the academy-seems bankrupt by comparison. Part of our mission as a Network of Christian Scholars is to identify and articulate the advantages of the Christian worldview over secularism or pluralism. NCS is collaborating with other student groups on campus (including Power 2 Change) to create fora where we can interact with undergraduate and graduate students and faculty on these issues.

5. To equip the church for ministry and evangelism. NCS wants to bring your gifts and expertise to bear on the challenges faced by the church as it interacts with the culture at large. In partnership with a number of churches and Christian organizations, we are working to organize an apologetics conference in Toronto for the Spring of 2015. The goal of this conference is to connect Christians across the city with the knowledge and perspective of Christian academics on a range of apologetic and cultural issues. This will be an exciting opportunity for the members of our Network to serve the Christian community in our city and beyond. 

AuthorEwan Goligher

Join us on Sunday, Sept 21 at 6:30PM for a simulcast event: SCIENCE AND FAITH: ARE THEY REALLY IN CONFLICT?

Featuring: Dr. John Lennox (Professor of Mathematics; Oxford University); Dr. Stephen Meyer (Director of the Center for Science & Culture; Discovery Institute)  Location: Medical Sciences Building Rm 3154; University of Toronto;  1 King College Circle Toronto, ON  M5S 1A8 Cost: Free

Featuring: Dr. John Lennox (Professor of Mathematics; Oxford University); Dr. Stephen Meyer (Director of the Center for Science & Culture; Discovery Institute) 

Location: Medical Sciences Building Rm 3154; University of Toronto;  1 King College Circle Toronto, ON  M5S 1A8

Cost: Free

AuthorRony Kozman

Darius Rackus (PhD candidate, Chemistry) will address the question "Is Jesus God" in an upcoming seminar on March 20th 7:15 pm, OISE 2212.

Darius is currently a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto.  His research focuses on using digital microfluidics for analytical and diagnostic applications.  He began his academic career at Durham University in the UK where he completed his M.Sci. and M.Sc. degrees in chemistry and biological sciences.  It was studying these subjects at the undergraduate level that he began to question the existence of a creator and find it more reasonable that God existed rather than not.  It was around this time that he began to explore the historical person of Jesus and became a Christian.  He is a member of Grace Toronto Church.

AuthorEwan Goligher

On Thursday January 30th, we have the pleasure of dining with Greg Koukl, renowned Christian apologist. Bring your tough questions and discuss strategies for defending and sharing your faith with your colleagues.

Mercatto (College St. and Elizabeth St.) at 4:45-6:15 pm. Please RSVP here.

AuthorEwan Goligher

On Tuesday January 28th, Dr. Stephen Hwang (Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Toronto) will discuss how his faith informs and motivates his practice of medicine amongst the marginalized populations in Toronto's eastside.

AuthorEwan Goligher