Who We Are

The Network of Christian Scholars (NCS) brings together Christian academics working in the sciences and humanities (generally in a university setting). Members of the network are actively engaged in rigorous scholarly pursuits and hold an advanced academic degree or are enrolled in a program of graduate studies leading to an advanced academic degree. 



We envision a community of Christian scholars who celebrate and cultivate the gift of the mind for the glory of God and the growth of his kingdom.



To achieve our vision we encourage Christian scholars, engage the academic community, and equip the church.


1. Encourage Christian Scholars

Christian scholars often work in isolation from one another as they pursue research in academic institutions. NCS brings together Christian scholars from various fields and departments for fellowship and encouragement. We meet regularly to pray for one another and to discuss how the Christian faith informs and motivates our pursuit of truth in our academic work.


2. Engage the Academic Community

We engage the academic community in order to demonstrate the credibility of the Christian faith and message. We do so by hosting lectures and debates on a variety of topics.


3. Equip the Church

By virtue of their academic training and experience Christian scholars are positioned to help equip the church to face the challenges offered by religious pluralism and humanist secularism. Yet few churches have access to Christian scholars. NCS provides local churches with a rich resource of Christian scholars specializing in a variety of fields. We seek to equip the church to be faithful and effective witnesses of the gospel. We do so by helping Christians think through issues that may threaten their faith and by encouraging them to engage the culture with confidence and wisdom.